NERIS Lech Poddany

NERIS company had been established in march 1993. We are located at Prawnicza 49A street 02-495 Warsaw (Ursus district) and deal with the import, export and consulting. The company's activities relate to automotive areas, mainly serving for the transport of goods or transport of persons. The main lines of business are:

The company cooperate with the workshops throughout the country and is happy to provide both information as well as technical, as also provides the necessary parts and equipment. NERIS Lech Poddany also conducts training for transport companies in the use and proper operation. Are also offered special training sets for firms whose easy and safe to train new staff.

Viscouse Fan Drive


Speed Limiters

Citroën CX
door card

Temperature Recorders

Citroën SM
inlet mesh

Wind Deflectors

Headlamp fastener

Mesh grill

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NERIS Lech Poddany

How to find us: (location of NERIS office)
address: ul. Prawnicza 49A, 02-495 Warszawa, woj. mazowieckie, Polska
www: (for smartphone and tablet: )
and (Viscouse Fan Drive)
Working hours: Mo-Fr 09am - 7pm